Monday, May 23, 2011

the coding period officially begins tomorrow so i'm spending today getting my ducks in a row. i'm realizing more and more that my "simple" GUI is quite complex - mongodb already seems like a great choice for keeping all the pieces organized and flexible. i've updated my schematic to include which input file each column of data is coming from - it's incredible to me how soothing adding colored text to a figure can be (or is that just me?).

tomorrow: first order of business - importing the locus/fasta files. brad suggested i only store the metadata for the locus files in the database then access the primary data via a linked file - he suggested Biopython's SeqIO.index_db in particular (i think i said all that right...) anyway, that's what i'll be starting on first thing tomorrow morning - i'm really just posting to get in the habit and upload my new, improved figure:

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