Thursday, July 28, 2011

export menu - done!

it has been a pretty productive start of the week. the export menu is complete - users select a subset of populations or individuals, then the output format(s) they would like, and the program searches for all the loci that contain the given subset, formats those loci and outputs them accordingly. wahoo! the new code is on GitHub.

i realized i'm not very good at reusing code (because i haven't fully grasped the OOP mentality and the finer points of python/tkinter are still rather difficult for me) but i think i'll be able to clean up the code as i continue to learn more, without losing functionality. i'm pleased that everything is more or less working well right now. the two remaining goals for this week/weekend are the get the raw data output associated with a button and to make the categories shown on the summary screen read from the input file instead of hard set by my code. i think it's doable, but we'll see...

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