Friday, July 22, 2011

GUI progress

this week i've been making progress with the Tkinter GUI for lociNGS (still not sure about the name...). i'm attaching some screen shots to better illustrate where i'm at, but in words, i have a fully functional input menu. i have a summary screen and a locus specific screen working, but only if they don't contain more rows of data than a screen can fit. i've been working for the last 24 hours or so on scrollbars (the natural solution to this problem), but adding them to the code i already have has been, er, difficult. i'm going to keep mulling over that in the back of my brain and go back to working on the export menu/function.
i'm uploading the GUI script to GitHub even though it's a total mess and it won't work on anyone else's computer because it's dependent on inputting the right data in the right formats. useful, i know.

menu shot and the summary screen. 20 individuals, 4 populations, 2 species, made up locations, and the number of loci that each individual has called for it. (does that last one make sense? with next-gen data, the number of loci obtained for each individual in a dataset is variable. this column shows how many high quality loci were obtained for that individual.)

this is what the loci data screen should look like. i've restricted the output to only 10 loci so that you can read them on the screen.

this is what the loci screen actually looks like right now because it's cramming way too many lines of data onto a single screen and i can't figure out the best way to add scrollbars (which will have to go on the summary screen too).

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