Friday, July 29, 2011

the final stretch

the good news is the gui is more or less fully functional now. the bad news is that i think it's really specific to input format and i'm not sure what to do about that. my intention was to make a robust but simple way of viewing a large multi-locus dataset...the back parts of my brain are mulling over how to remove some of the most restrictive input requirements (like numerical loci) so that more people can use this program.
but back to the good news. import menu, export menu, summary screen, locus screen, output formats, raw data output - all up and running. it's not the prettiest thing you've ever seen but it is fast and pretty straightforward.

the welcome screen with directions

the import menu

the summary screen displayed when 'Display the data' is pressed in the File menu

when one of the 'numLoci' buttons is pressed on the summary screen, a second screen with info about all the loci that a particular individual has is displayed.

when the 'Coverage_This_Ind' or 'Coverage_Total' buttons are pressed, a fasta file is created that contains all the original reads pertaining to a locus, from either a single individual or all individuals that have that locus (respectively). to export loci in the 3 different formats, first a set of the data must be selected. users may select individuals:

or users may select populations:

then users select the output formats:

all loci that are output either contain at least all individuals selected or at least one indivdiual from each population selected.

so that's where i'm at now. this weekend = continue thinking about how to make the program more robust and beginning the process of (fingers crossed) getting this into a format readable/displayable by the Galaxy Project. man this week went quick! 

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  1. Sarah;
    This is looking great -- really happy you are making good progress towards your vision. My suggestion would be to focus on the Tkinter interface and code cleanup, as opposed to looking into Galaxy right now. Integration with Galaxy would still be useful, but for GSoC you want to focus on having your deliverable be as polished and ready as possible.

    Let me know if you have any questions at all about anything. Awesome work,