Friday, July 8, 2011

that's a little better

i've been trying to organize my brain and formulate the next step for this project. brad suggested i think about packaging some scripts into importable modules, which requires an intelligent plan for how the scripts will be used. i've been reading about GUIs and slowly piecing together how the various scripts i have will interact with each other and the user in the end product. i can't say i've settled on an optimal module design (should i put all the conversion scripts into one module so they can be accessed together? how about the scripts that upload the various data types to mongoDB? those seem more like stand alone pieces, but a user will need most or all of them at once, so...) still processing.
i edited my original GUI plan/figure to reflect the current state of my brain. feels good to transfer such things to paper. i anticipate the rest of today will be devoted to putting the converter scripts together in a module, since i'm pretty sure that makes sense. thoughts will continue to percolate as well.

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