Wednesday, July 6, 2011

it's also alive!

after a couple of hours cursing Migrate this morning, i found an error in my code and the output from now runs perfectly. (i was shocked when the root of my frustration was entirely my fault. shocked, i say! just kidding.)

that means that the scripts to database/retrieve data and convert .fasta files to the three desired formats are done. (tentatively done.) i've spent this afternoon reading Programming Python's chapters on Tkinter (their GUI-er) and copying the short scripts. this i'll probably do tomorrow as well, on top of making several new test datasets to error check my scripts. i also need to investigate Galaxy.

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  1. Sarah;
    Great progress. It sounds like you've tackled most of the high level functionality. Are there other things you wanted to have before focusing on the user interface side?

    Now would be a good time to step back and think about moving some parts of the code into an importable module. Everything is arranged as scripts, which can make it hard to compose together multiple parts. It sounds like the conversion to IMa2 before Migrate is an example of this; it would be good to keep that totally invisible from users of your scripts.

    This project tree is a decent example of having runnable scripts and some reusable functionality in importable modules:

    Happy to help with any questions. Keep up the great work,