Friday, August 19, 2011

final friday

unfortunately, it took most of this last week for me to identify and fix the installation weirdness. i think it's all straightened out now, but it wasn't a very satisfying finish for the summer (other than the fact that the installation appears to work now!). the README and github account have been updated to reflect the changes that were made and it isn't that much more difficult to install. 

tonight/this weekend i'm going to finish working on the website for lociNGS and finalize the code (delete commented out lines, make sure each file has a heading, etc.). and THEN - well, i don't know what. i hope people use the program and give me feedback on how to improve it.

the tentative lociNGS logo

1 comment:

  1. Sarah;
    Really great job this summer. I appreciate all your hard work, and it's great to have such a nice finished product.

    Sorry about the numpy/biopython problems. I'm going to try and tackle that when I get back from my trip. numpy is a "soft" requirement for biopython, but it would be nice if it pre-installed when called from easy_install or other automated installers since it's very useful to have it around anyhow.

    Thanks for this feedback and congrats again on all the excellent work,