Thursday, August 4, 2011, github and segmentation faults

this morning i *think* i got a file working for downloading necessary components and installing on users' machines. what an amazing invention - the scripts are brilliant! i then radically reorganized my GitHub account to work with the script.
for the second half of today, i TRIED to get a popup window to display "Successful Import" when lociNGS imports data (using a tkMessageBox). this led to about a million segmentation faults (i think because the popup isn't connected to the appropriate frame or something. but i could be totally wrong about that because my brain ain't workin' so good right now).
plan for tomorrow is to take a fresh look at the popup issue (or make a work around) and continue to clean up code. and i should upload some test data for interested parties. tgi(almost)f.

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  1. Sarah;
    Great work on the reorganization; really is magic. To finish off getting things organized, you should create a locings folder, create a file in it (which can be blank, it indicates that it is an importable module), then move,, and in there.

    Then find_packages will grab this and install it along with your script. Then if you adjust imports to be `from locings.constructionMDB import` you will be able to pull these in and the script will run without any path dependence. Sweet.

    For the segfaults/window problem, another solution is to create a label (like label1 you've already got in the window) and the text for it as things get imported.

    TGI(now it's)F,