Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wednesday help files

today's major task was working on a couple of help files for the gui. one displays the readme file that comes with the package (which took me perhaps longer than it should have to display properly). the other describes what the buttons on the summary and locus screens do. i played around with using a floating tooltip attached to the mouse, but my understanding of how it worked was not sophisticated enough to make it anything other than annoying. i also added a folder of test data to the package on GitHub. bring on thursday - it's been a good first half of the week!

1 comment:

  1. Sarah;
    Great to see all the progress this week and really nice that you can test this directly from the GitHub repository with the data. The update messages are much nicer now to give the user some feedback; thanks for adding this.

    The only thing I noticed was the "\r" MacOSX line endings in the output files, which will not work on other Unix or Windows systems. These all appear to be in ''. If you swap them with "\n" they get converted into system specific line endings magically, so it's an easy fix.

    Great work,