Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it's the final countdown...

i'm actually pretty sad this is the last week of summer of code - it has really been fun and productive. yesterday felt rather unproductive, though, as i spent a lot of time creating a github webpage for the program ( i don't know much about HTML (or anything), so it required a lot of tinkering. i also updated the README to include a short "common errors" section, that will be expanded as issues arise.
this morning i updated the code to be a little more efficient and to ensure that both SAM and BAM formatted data can be accepted (although SAM is much slower). i did a complete import/export run through with SAM data (for the first time) and fixed a couple spots of code where there were issues. i also added three display columns to the summary screen: number of total reads gathered per individual, number of reads that align to the reference (per individual), and the percentage of the total reads the used reads comprise. i think this is pretty useful information to display and i was basically already recording it, so why not?
tomorrow morning i'm going to download, install and run the program on a new computer to make sure it goes as planned (using my README as the guide). then i'll hopefully get around to coding in one/several error message(s) for if the user has an issue importing/exporting/displaying.

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