Monday, August 8, 2011

minor updates - working well

i downloaded the package from github this morning and ran it with some new data and discovered the raw data wasn't displaying correctly. so i spent most of today troubleshooting and fixing that. the good news is that it's all working well now - and i've incorporated brad's suggestion that users are informed when things import correctly and after outputting the raw reads, a popup window in the GUI lets them know. i couldn't figure out how to update a label after a function is completed (which was actually brad's suggestion and would be actually much better) - but the popup is a functioning workaround for now.

everything is up to date on github - i need to edit the readme to reflect the much easier installation with i'm also going to keep working on a few other suggestions brad made for improving the code. my husband is out of town for the week at the ecology meeting so i'm hoping this last week before the soft "pencils down" date is super productive!

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